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Common Mistakes of Making Potato Chips

Common Mistakes of Making Potato Chips

Common Mistakes of Making Potato Chips
Common Mistakes of Making Potato Chips

Potato chips are a staple snack food in many households. They are delicious, crunchy, and easy to make. However, many populate make mistakes when making Solanum tuberosum chips, which put up result in chips that are burnt, soggy, or simply not good sufficiency to eat. In this article, we’ll be discussing the common mistakes of making potato chips, and how to keep off them to have hone chips every time.

Choosing the Wrong Potatoes

The type of potato you use tin greatly involve the final product of your potato chips. Starchy potatoes, such as russets, are not ideal for making chips as they tend to become inert and don’t hold their form well when cooked. On the unusual hand, waxy potatoes, such as red potatoes or fingerlings, have a lower starch content and give their shape better, qualification them perfect for chip-making.

Slicing the Potatoes Too Thick or to a fault Thin

The thickness of your potato slices can also have a vauntingly impact on the final examination product. If the slices are too thick, they’ll take yearner to cook and could end up burning. If they’re too thin, they’ll cook too quickly and turn burnt or crispy. The nonsuch heaviness for Solanum tuberosum chips is between 1/16 and 1/8 inch.

Not Using the correct Oil

Smoke points, or the degree at which an oil begins to smoke and degrade, vary among various oils.. When qualification potato chips, it’s important to use an anele with ahigh smoke point oils like grapeseed, peanut, or canola. These oils can hold out high heat without burning, ensuring that your chips wish come out utterly crisp and not burnt.

Not Soaking the Potatoes

Soaking your potatoes in common cold irrigate earlier frying can help to transfer excess starch and prevent the chips from becoming soggy. Simply slit the potatoes and point them in a bowl of common cold water for about 30 minutes to an hour before frying. This step is operative for ensuring that your chips will come out crispy and not soft.

Overcrowding the Fryer

When frying your potato chips, it’s important not to overcrowd the fryer. Overcrowding the fryer can stimulate the temperature of the anele to drop, leading to soggy chips. work sure to electrocute the chips in small batches, allowing enough space ‘tween each undefined so that they put up cook evenly and turn crispy.

Not Seasoning Properly

Potato chips are often experienced with salt, only there are many other seasonings that can be used to enhance the flavor. more or less nonclassical seasonings let in paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. However, it’s important to remember to mollify the chips immediately after they come out of the fryer, while they’re still hot, so that the seasonings will stick to the chips.


Making hone white potato chips is easier than you might think, as yearn as you avoid these common mistakes. By choosing the right potatoes, slice them to the right thickness, using the rectify oil, soaking the potatoes, not overcrowding the fryer, and seasoning properly, you’ll be capable to make delicious, crispy potato chips that everyone will love.



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